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Club 888 Overview

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Club 888 is a collection of 8 Audio NFTs created by a selection of musicians from around the world.

8 Audio tracks will be minted into NFTs. The first NFT release was minted as a special utility NFT (see Revolucio) only 888 copies were created. The remaining 7 NFT releases of the collection will be limited to 8888 copies each and only be available on Entrepot

The club 888 community assist the Canistore team with testing features and decision making while also earning extra airdrops (non-club 888 related NFTs). Revolucio holders (special utility NFT) have access via a private discord channel within the Canistore community server.

Discover more and download our Club 888 Pitch Deck.


The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Our first Audio NFT was launched on the Internet Computer In collaboration with one of the hottest producers P2J! His works not only include the 2021 smash hit, Essence ~ Wiz Kid ft Justin Bieber, but with established Artists such as Beyonce, BurnaBoy and Wretch32.

Only 888 copies of this special utility NFT were minted. Owning this NFT gives you the following benefits:

  • Earn a % Club 888 NFT sales when minted
  • Airdrop – Receive 7 free NFTs released in the Club 888 collection
  • Access to the Private Club 888 Discord channel
  • Burn Club 888 NFTs for CANI – Only available via staking

To buy the first Canistore NFT simply:

  1. Go to the Plug website and download the official Plug wallet (or Chrome Browser Extension):
  2. Once it’s installed, you’ll need to add ICP – which is available on any major exchange such as Coinbase –
  3. After you have sent 30 ICP to your Plug wallet address, go to our Official Revolució NFT sale page on Entrepot:
  4. Login to Entrepot with your Plug Wallet and select Buy to purchase it securely.

Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of the first Canistore Revolució NFT – ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized’

You can hold your NFT in you Plug wallet, transfer it to a Stoic wallet or sell your NFT on the Entrepot marketplace.

Remember only the current owner of the NFT will be eligible when rewards are issued.  

To get access to the Club 888 Private Discord channel, use the link below and let us know!