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Community Label

Thank you for your interest in our community label, we are currently developing the FREE.0 album, the first audio release: ‘It’s Time to be Free .0’ (Instrumental) will be available for purchase in May 2021.

The Community Label will enable the Canistore community to fund creatives by simply donating or investing in a user’s project. We’ll be offering new and existing artists/producers along with community members, the opportunity to earn a share of the allocated rewards by creating and/or featuring on exclusive promotional singles for the community label. If you’d like get involved with future releases, please follow us on social media or signup for updates.





We are designating 90 Million tokens as promotional rewards to help kick-start the community label. The rewards will be allocated to exclusive (Audio) digital media created by or for the community label:

45 Million tokens to be allocated over (15) fifteen Singles – Maximum token allocation per single: 3 Million.  

45 Million tokens to be allocated to (1) one Album (Compilation)

Each release will have a limited number of reward codes that will be awarded as a bonus for early purchases.