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Canistore Overview


CANISTORE is a digital disruptor designed to revolutionize rights, ownership and financial independence for content creators.

Please download our pitch deck 



Our tokenomics model has evolved to accommodate our SNS Integration on the Internet Computer which is scheduled for Q3/2023 – this has increased our initial total supply estimate, from 100 Million to 1 Billion tokens – we believe this will give the project a safer and more stable tokenized governance system. 

Token Information

Token Name: Canistore
Token Symbol: CANI
Token Type: Governance & Utility 
Token Network: Internet Computer
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Generation: TBA (Estimated Q3/2023) 

Total Supply Allocation (%)
Token Supply Breakdown
  • Treasury: 33%
    • Legal
    • Vault 
  • Funding: 15% 
  • Team Members: 16% 
  • Marketing & Community Development: 17% 
    • PR
    • Press
    • Advertising
    • Media 
    • Partnerships
    • Industry Influencers
    • Major Artists
  • Ecosystem & Rewards: 15% 
    • CANI Staking 
    • Referral Rewards 
  • Advisors: 4%
    • Project
    • Ecosystem
    • Consultants
      • Technical
      • Cultural
      • Business

Tokens allocated to Advisors and/or Ecosystem & Rewards will be distributed over twelve (12) months. Team member’s distribution will be in correlation with Seed round investors. Any unused tokens for Marketing & Community Development and Ecosystem & Rewards after twelve (12) months will be returned to the Treasury/Vault.



A maximum of 15% (150 Million) of the total supply will be allocated for funding purposes. Our goal is to raise enough capital to ensure the project’s future sustainability and longevity. We anticipate the private round will exceed our estimated goal of $3.2 Million as our Seed round received a combined investment offering of $6.3 Million, of which we only accepted $477,500

Funding Supply Allocation (%)
Funding Breakdown

15% Fundraising – 150 Million Tokens (Three rounds) 

  • 5.6% Seed – 56,000,000 Tokens 
  • TBC
  • TBC
% Supply
No. of Tokens
Price $
Total Raised $
% Supply
No. of Tokens
Price $
Total Raised $
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
  • * (Price AVG) 
  • ** (Estimated) 

The TGE (Token Generation Event) & LGE (Liquidity Generation Event) will be in line with the SNS integration estimated for Q2 2024. All funds raised during the LGE will be automatically transferred to create a liquidity pool via a smart contract/canister.  

Locked & Vesting Periods

Timelines of Token Distribution
Locked (Months)
Vesting Period (Months)

All tokens are subject to a locked and vesting period, that will be distributed linearly over a timeline based on the investment round you participated in. 

Cliff-linear vesting is a vesting schedule programmed into a smart contract – neuron. Tokens will be locked for X-period of time, and once that time has elapsed the tokens will be distributed equally over Y-period of months.

Schedule Release = (Month of Cliff from Genesis, vesting period in months) SR = (X,Y) 


Creators lack the ability to retain their rights and properly monetise the true profits from their intellectual property within the music and creative industries. In order to have a successful campaign, artists now need to use multiple platforms and applications simultaneously to monetise and distribute content while engaging with their audiences. This is due to an out-dated infrastructure which has been monopolised by big tech.

Our Ecosystem


Creators, advertisers and users of any genre will be able to use the Canistore application as an everyday social platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter, while having the ability to easily monetize/sell their digital content like Amazon, eBay, and/or create a subscription model like Only Fans or Netflix.

Integrity, Transparency, Community – Our mission is to create a Decentralized Evolutionary Media Organisation that empowers creators and users.

Studio (Flagship)
Canistore Studio will be a digital media hub for Canistore operations and to provide audio/video resources and support, for community label projects, such as: Sound Recordings, Live-streaming, Interviews/Podcasts, Photography, Graphics, Sound Engineering and Mentorship programs, etc.

Canistore is a next-gen social-store mobile decentralized application, that will be governed and in the future, owned by its community.

Community Label
The Community Label will enable the Canistore community to fund artists, producers and creatives by simply donating or investing in a user’s project.
We’ll be offering new and existing artists/producers and community members the opportunity to create and/or feature on promotional singles.

Licensing Protocol

Empowering Users

Canistore’s licensing protocol allows the community to upload, licence and securely store content on-chain. This upload is not only timestamped to prove ownership, but includes a legally binding agreement recognized globally – and will be upgradable via consensus (Governance)


'The Community Token'

At the heart of the ecosystem lies the CANI token, which primarily allows creators to easily monetise their content. The CANI community governs this ecosystem, through moderating content, aiding board decisions on reward distributions, administering votes on future app development, as well as electing a winner at Canistore’s first Creator Awards ceremony. 

SNS Intergration


The Canistore dapplication will be integrated with the Internet Computer via an SNS (Service Nervous System) in Q2/2024 providing the foundation for our dapplication’s tokenized governance system. 

Our token distribution will be allocated as follows: 16% of the tokens will be given to the dapp’s developers. Another 33% will be given to an SNS-Controlled account, which would be used according to the wishes of our dapp’s community via SNS proposals. 


Project Development


Alpha Launch

Our MVP is estimated for its Alpha launch Q4 2023, at which time we will begin on-boarding selected Artists and community members for closed Alpha testing. 

Agora Blockchain Winner

Best Project Winner

Canistore was voted the best project at Agora’s 8th Blockchain Congress in Dubai. The votes were cast by a variety of investors, after a series of one on one meetings held over two days, with over twenty projects taking part. #JoinTheFrequency

Club 888

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Club 888 is a collection of 8 Audio NFTs created by a selection of musicians from around the world.

8 Audio tracks will be minted into NFTs. The first NFT release was minted as a special utility NFT (see REVOLUCIO NFT) of which only 888 copies were created. The remaining 7 NFT releases of the collection will be limited to 8888 copies each, and only be available on Entrepot

Please download our Club 888 – Pitch Deck