Create. License. Play.

Your Content, Your Community

Imagine being able to create and share content without worrying about the latest algorithm changes that affect your viewings, followings and ratings. 

Imagine feeling safe in the knowledge that your content is secure on the Internet Computer and cannot be removed by monopolized companies. 

Imagine a place you could grow and engage with your community on the same platform you distribute and monetise.

As a decentralized media service provider, built on revolutionary technology and using the advanced computer science of @DFINITY , Canistore aims to eliminate these platform risks by developing a next-gen social-store mobile application, that will be governed and owned by its community. 

Simplify the storing, selling, and sharing of your photos, music, and videos… forever! 


Track celebrating the #CKETH integration on #ICP


MVP (Alpha)

Licensing Protocol v1​

At the heart of the application is Canistore’s licensing protocol which allows the community to upload, license and securely store content on chain. This upload is not only timestamped to prove ownership but includes a legally binding agreement recognized globally.

A global community will be able to use Canistore as an everyday social platform like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter, while having the ability to easily monetise or distribute their digital assets like Amazon, eBay and Only Fans.


Licensing is traditionally handled by publishing houses and sync licensing pools which is the method used by businesses and individuals when exploiting content created by someone else. In most cases, middle people take 50%+ when a creator’s copyright is used by entities such as production companies i.e games, film and advertisements.

Disclaimer: Any images displayed in the user profiles examples, are only for visual purposes only. 

The MVP will allow users to:

  • Create a profile
    • Username
    • Profile image
    • Followers
    • Bio 
    • Reputation
  • Upload content
    • Audio, Image or Video
    • Artwork – Image, GIF or Video
    • Rights owner
    • Asset Type
    • Description  
    • Verification 
  • Licence content 
  • Display Mode
    • Public
    • Private  
  • Filter
    • Discover content
    • Search content

Alpha (Mobile only): To be considered for early access please fill in the form provided. Due to a high amount of interest only Club 888 members are currently being on-boarded. 

*To sign up for early access to the MVP please click below.*


User Benefits


Content stored securely and reliably on the Internet Computer (ICP)


Licence content to prove ownership and/or exploit your copyrights with no legal fees


Distribute and monetise content directly to your followers/fans/community in one place


Application Highlights

We are currently working on the following Canistore development features.


Personalise monetisation without the restrictions web2 applications provide


Keep 100% ownership of your assets


Your data is protected and never sold without your permission


Vote on platform proposals and/or your favourite community projects.


Protect your copyrights using blockchain technology


Licence your content directly to businesses for the use of your copyrights


Broadcast to the world independently with CaniPlay


Share/view content without algorithms that reduce your visibility


Grow and engage with your community in-app


Earn rewards by contributing to the ecosystem such as moderation


Browse creator accounts to discover new content


Physical locations that support the ecosystem and local talent



Canistore offers a diverse collection of NFTs, including physical club memberships and the first Music Video 100% on chain, all with a broad range of functionalities. Have you considered becoming a member of Club 888? By acquiring our Revolucio NFT, you can enjoy airdrops and participate in making significant decisions concerning the future of Canistore. Join us today!