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Create. License. Play.

Your Content, Your Community

Imagine being able to create and share content without worrying about the latest algorithm changes that affect your viewings, followings and ratings. 

Imagine feeling safe in the knowledge that your content is secure on the Internet Computer and cannot be removed by monopolized companies. 

As a decentralized media service provider, built on revolutionary technology and using the advanced computer science of @DFINITY ∞ Canistore aims to eliminate these platform risks by developing a next-gen social-store mobile application, that will be governed and owned by its community. 

Simplify the storing, selling, and sharing of your photos, music, and videos… forever! 

Revolució - NFT

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Revolució is the first Canistore Audio NFT launched on the Internet Computer in collaboration with one of the hottest producers P2J, who’s works not only include the 2021 smash hit, Essence – WizKid ft Justin Bieber, but with established Artists such as Beyonce, BurnaBoy and Wretch32. Only 888 copies of this special utility NFT will be minted, by owning this NFT you’ll be eligible for the following benefits: – Earn a % Club 888 NFT sales – Receive 7 free NFTs released in the Club 888 collection – Access to the Private Club 888 Discord channel – Burn Club 888 NFTs for $CANI (Canistore Token) 

*Available on Entrepot*

MVP (Alpha)

Licensing Protocol v1

The Canistore licensing protocol allows the community to upload, licence and securely store content. This upload is not only time-stamped to prove ownership, but includes a legally binding agreement recognized globally in the music industry. Users also have the choice of storing their digital media until a later stage of development when they can mint the content as an NFT, to monetize/sell. If users are not uploading content they can discover content listed publicly by other members of the community.

Alpha (Mobile only): To be considered for early access please fill in the form below. Due to a high amount of interest only Club 888 members are currently being on-boarded. Join our Discord channel today an discover how to join Club 888 today!

*Your email submitted must be linked to app store*

Disclaimer: Any images displayed in the user profiles examples, are only for visual purposes only. 

The MVP will allow users to:

  • Create a profile
    • Username
    • Profile image
    • Followers
    • Bio 
    • Reputation
  • Upload content
    • Audio
    • Artwork – Image or Video
    • Artist name
    • Track name
    • Composer/s
    • Description
    • Genre, Tags 
    • Verification 
  • Licence content 
  • Display Mode
    • Public
    • Private  
  • Filter
    • Discover content
    • Search content


Application Highlights

We are currently working on the following Canistore development features.


Earn rewards by simply watching videos, listening to music or moderating content.


Control what content your followers and/or subscribers can view about you, or your brand.


Select a pre-designed profile/post layouts or customise them yourself.


Canistore provides three type of licensing: Standard, Exclusive and Community.


Earn royalties worldwide, register to your country's official collection agencies.


Create ownership smart contracts for your digital media and/or apply for community funding.


Vote on platform proposals and/or your favourite community projects.


With a SocialStore account you can buy and sell digital media and physical items


Store large digital media files in a private library for easy data transfer. *SocialStore account required.


Creators keep 100% Ownership, or can designate percentage splits.


Get feedback from the community before you allocate a budget to a campaign.


'Go Live' and Livestream to your audience directly, reward fans with tokens.


Inbuilt social media functionality and user shareablity rewards.

QR Coded

Simple QR Coded accounts and payment options, connectable to PayPal.


Get paid in any currency of your choice, or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or DFINITY ICP

Community Label


The Community Label enables the Canistore community to fund artists, producers and audio creatives by donating or investing in a user’s project. We’ll be offering new and existing artists/producers along with community members the opportunity to create and/or feature on promotional singles for the Canistore community label. 



Exclusive: The first audio release (Instrumental) from the Canistore community label: ‘It’s Time To Be Free .0’ of the FREE.0 album will be available from May 2021. 

We are allocating a number of promotional rewards to help kick-start the community label. The rewards will be allocated to exclusive (Audio) digital media created by or for the community label. Each release will have a limited number of reward codes that will be awarded as a bonus for early purchases. 

The vocal release of ‘It’s Time to be Free .0’ is currently in production, to get involved with upcoming future releases, please signup below or contact us directly. 

Any funds raised will be designated to the creation and maintenance of the Canistore Flagship Studio.