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Secure Data Management


When blockchain meets compliance

While we are getting used to operating in the digital realm, we live in the real world, maintaining social relationships and legal responsibilities. Cyber activity does not exempt us from regulation. CaniSafe is a service provider and consulting agency offering the first user-pseudonymous, data trust, and compliance solution running on Internet Computer blockchain. It offers individuals a next-gen fully decentralized wallet, embodying the holder’s authority.

"CaniSafe is the Swiss vault of data and digital asset security" - Barry Paisley

CaniSafe Identity Wallet

​​Key features

User-Centric Data Ownership

This wallet architecture truly returns data ownership to users, allowing them to decide whether to approve or decline any access from an app or any other party.

Enhanced Security and Control

This advantage allows users to know who is using their data and what is happening with it, giving them the freedom to decide if they agree to that or not. The data won’t be revealed to any unauthorized party.

Stand-Alone Operation

The wallet operates as a stand-alone instance with an independent internal database, an operation console, and self-computing capabilities. Furthermore, the instance is created on the Internet Computer decentralised network within a protected AMD-SEV standard environment. Transmission between the wallet and data requester is fully encrypted at the binary level.

Comprehensive Storage Solution

The wallet not only holds assets in the form of tokens, as is commonly the case, but also serves as a storage solution for real-world identity, personal data, digital work, creations, and more. It provides users with unprecedented control over their data.

Traditional Data Models

Not Your Keys

We have seen that most data models involve applications or services storing user data in a central location, controlled by the project owners. Whether users are aware of this or not, their data is not in their hands from the very beginning because the entire storage infrastructure is built in one structure, and the master access key is maintained by someone else. The primary concern has been whether this data is stored securely and used appropriately by the project owner or any other vendor. Therefore, data regulations aim to prevent any possible mishandling or breaches that could lead to a data crisis under such structure.

CaniSafe Solution

'Your' Keys

CaniSafe offers a revolutionary method to establish numerous individual wallets, ensuring that personal data genuinely belongs to the users themselves. To illustrate this, consider how people save valuables in a central bank. The bank is responsible for keeping customers’ assets safe by building a giant iron lock gate, setting up surveillance cameras all around, hiring security guards, and covering all associated costs. The treasure is stored centrally, and all expenses are shared among the customers. Any vulnerability within the bank poses a threat to all the assets stored there.

Now, let’s change this mentality. Imagine each customer owns a safe located in a random, undisclosed place. Each safe can only be opened with a biometric key owned by the customer, and even the safe maker has no way to access it. There is a secret tunnel where the customer can decide to conduct any transaction. This is the essence of CaniSafe, providing a secure, decentralized approach where users have full control and ownership over their personal data.

CaniSafe Solution for Businesses

Corporate benefits

Enhanced Data Security

With decentralized storage and encryption at the binary level, businesses can remove the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Reduced Operational Costs

Decentralized data management can significantly lower the costs associated with data storage and security infrastructure, as well as reduce the need for extensive compliance auditing and personnel management accordingly.

Empowered Customers

Empowering customers with control over their data can lead to more engaged and satisfied users, forming a stronger relationship between the business and its clients.

Innovative Business Models

The ability to securely store and manage digital assets and personal data opens up opportunities for new business models, such as personalised services, data monetisation strategies, digital copyrights.

Competitive Advantage

Adopting new technology like CaniSafe can position businesses as leaders in innovation and data protection, setting them apart from competitors.

Regulatory Compliance

CaniSafe's architecture ensures compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR, reducing the burden on businesses to manage and audit data compliance.

User Trust and Transparency

By giving users full control over their personal data, businesses can build greater trust and transparency with their customers, enhancing brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Streamlined Data Access

With users controlling data access permissions, businesses can streamline processes for data access requests, ensuring quick and compliant data transactions.

Scalability and Flexibility

The stand-alone instance design allows businesses to scale their data requests efficiently without compromising security or performance.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Decentralised storage provides robust disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring business continuity even in the event of data centre failures or cyber-attacks.

*Roadmap is based on the completion of Round 2 and SNS Swap* Please see Tokenomics