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The Internet Computer

Canistore leverages a variety of DFINITY technologies. Why DFINITY? The Internet Computer is a new technology stack that is unhackable, fast, scales to billions of users globally and supports a new kind of autonomous software that promises to reverse Big Tech’s monopolization of the internet. 

DFINITY Technologies

Canistore Model


Big Map & Big Search

High-Level Overview

One of the key technologies Canistore utilizes is BigMap/BigSearch, DFINITY’s secret weapon for building hyperscale open internet services. DFINITY recently unveiled #BigMap at their SODIUM Launch Event, check out the video. 

You can also discover all of the event’s presentations and highlights in the link below.


Smarter Contracts

A canister is like a smart contract because its execution is governed by a secure protocol: the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). A canister is therefore tamper-proof, meaning that its state can only be modified through messages included in the blockchain, which is governed by the protocol.

Additionally, because the execution of canister code is fully deterministic, a canister’s state can be audited in a cryptographically secure way by inspecting the messages in the blockchain.

Subnet Types

Data, System, Fiduciary

To understand the Internet Computer, you have to understand the concept of subnets, which are the fundamental building block of the overall network. 

The purpose of a subnet is to host canisters. Canisters run within dedicated hypervisors and interact with each other via a publicly specified API. Inside a canister is WebAssembly bytecode that can run on a WebAssembly virtual machine and the pages of memory that it runs within. 

When canisters are uploaded to the Internet Computer, they have to target a specific subnet type, such as ‘data’, ‘system’, or ‘fiduciary’.

As the Canistore model includes governance canisters, it must be hosted on a fiduciary subnet, in order to hold balances of ICP tokens and send cycles to other canisters. 


Service Nervous System

Imagine, for example, building a social network like Twitter whose logic and data aren’t controlled by a company, but by a program whose code runs autonomously and verifiably. Its ownership and control can even be tokenized and distributed to its users and developers.


Canistore Governance Token

Users will be rewarded with the Canistore governance token by simply interacting with the Canistore application. Canistore governance tokens enable the user to vote on project proposals, invest in community projects and earn dividend-like rewards*.

*Rewards are distributed on a time-cycle basis and/or at milestones triggered by application/community growth.