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CaniTalk: Ep1 - Sync Licensing

“We bagged the Coca-Cola deal”

Welcome to the first installment of CaniTalk. In this episode, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum songwriter Curtis Richardson and BackYard Dog engage in an in-depth discussion about their extensive experiences with sync licensing and copyrights.


Education through discussion


Thought provoking


Deep dives


Industry insight

"CaniTalk is a way to educate through discussion, reading isn't for everyone." - Barry Paisley


CaniTalk Phases (1 - 4)
Phase 1
• Research and select topics.
• Shoot episodes 2-5
• Contact and confirm host and guest/s.
Phase 1
Phase 2
• Upgrade production quality
• Shoot episodes 5-10.
• Launch interviews
Phase 2
Phase 3
• Rent media unit to create bespoke content
• Hire space out for self sustainability
Phase 3
Phase 4
• Expand the brand
• Secure top tier guests
• High level production.
Phase 4
*Roadmap is based on the completion of Round 2 and SNS Swap* Please see Tokenomics