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The world's first blockchain broadcast station


Radio meets Spotify


Live broadcast

CaniPlay revolutionises content broadcasting for the community by providing a live streaming service similar to an internet radio station. Unlike traditional radio, CaniPlay’s content is sourced from user-generated playlists, allowing for a listening experience based on consensus.


Direct to consumer

Content creators submit licensed material from CaniStore to a CaniPlay playlist. The community has the authority to upvote content they enjoy. The content with the highest number of votes ascends the playlist, with the top-ranked item currently being broadcast.


Keep it locked

The community are encouraged to “Keep it locked” by logging in (connecting wallet). This connection opens up opportunities for them to win prizes in the form of random airdrops of tokens and NFTs. This incentive further enhances community engagement and participation.

"Think Radio and Television meets Spotify and YouTube." - Barry Paisley


Designed to empower - 'On the go'


CaniPlay Phases (1 - 4)
Phase 1
Content Creation & Distribution
• CaniStore Connection: Artists can upload, manage, and distribute their music from CaniStore to CaniPlay.
• Airdrop System: Enable artists to reward fans with exclusive content (e.g., demos, remixes) or early access to new releases through airdrops.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Artist Monetization
• Artist Donations: Allow fans to directly support artists through integrated donation features within CaniPlay.
• Video Channels: Provide artists with dedicated video channels on CaniPlay to showcase music videos, behind-the-scenes content, and live streams.
• Royalty Payout System: Implement a transparent and efficient royalty payout system based on smart contracts, ensuring artists receive fair compensation for their work.
Phase 2
Phase 3
Fan Engagement & Community
• Community Influencer Playlists: Allow popular creators and taste-makers to curate playlists, fostering music discovery and artist exposure.
• Cani Login: Create a secure and unified login system for seamless access across Cani services (CaniStore, CaniPlay, etc.).
• CaniStore Profile: Provide artists with dedicated profiles to connect with fans, share updates, and showcase their music library.
Phase 3
Phase 4
Integration & Expansion
• API for Games and Metaverse: Develop an API that allows integration of CaniStore and CaniPlay functionalities within games and metaverse platforms, creating immersive music experiences.
• Fan Engagement Features (Ongoing): Implement features like fan clubs, memberships, and exclusive content tiers to cultivate deeper artist-fan relationships.
Phase 4
*Roadmap is based on the completion of Round 2 and SNS Swap* Please see Tokenomics